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Director of Service

Michael Ortiz

Michael Ortiz started early in life in construction and accumulated a vast array of skillsets centering on his passion to build and rebuild.  In 2010 Michael chose to defend his country as he embarked on a career path in the armed forces.  Spending 6 years in the Army in the 82nd Airborne Division, his campaign in Afghanistan is where he accelerated his growth during an arduous time of conflict in that area of the World.  After his heroic time in the Army, Michael joined LIG Rentals in 2019 as its first employee.  Since fruition, Michael has worked tirelessly to help build the LIG Brand.  Throughout his tenure he has been a part of every disaster relief effort that LIG has been a part of. His vast array of skill sets accompanied with his calm demeanor under fire allows for strong leadership decisions during stressful times.  As Service Director, he is ultimately responsible (with the support of his staff) in maintaining all of LIG assets.  Michael is dedicated to his wife and children and is focused on the upward growth of their lives.

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