LIG Rentals was contracted out for the flooding in California when the whole septic systems and levees failed in various areas of California. LIG Rentals was deployed to several areas for two months. The job inventory for this emergency encompassed the following:

  • (7) Hydrovacs
  • (4) 120 bbl trucks
  • (2)  70 bbl trucks


The Caldor Fire was a wildfire in the counties of El Dorado, Amador, and Alpine.  The fire engulfed up and down the Highway 50 corridor inclusive of Grizzly Flats.  LIG Rentals supplied base camps to multiple locations up and down the Highway 50. LIG Rentals began our assignment in the Summer of 2021 and Demobbed from these sites collectively in Winter of 2023.  Below is a list of inventory and services we provided:

  • Office trailers
  • Generators
  • Over 100 light towers
  • 2/3 stall restroom trailers
  • Portable toilets/ hand qash stations
  • 20 and 40 yard dumpsters.
  • Daily wet fueling and pump out.
  • Street sweepers and water truck


The Dixie Fire was a wildfire in Butte, Plumas, Lassen, Shasta, and Tehama Counties, California.  In the last week of August in 2021, LIG Rentals was assigned building the Taylorsville site to support the surrounding areas of Greenville, Crescent Mills and Canyon Dam areas.  LIG built and managed this site for 110 days and eventually Demobbed Week 1 in December 2021.  The following is what our inventory and servicing consisted of:

  • 183 RV’s and Trailers for sleeping.  All trailers we serviced by cleaning daily, doing the laundry, filling the propane tanks, disposing of trash, providing hygiene supplies and pumping the toilets
  • Generators that powered the entire site
  • Light towers
  • Portable restrooms and hand sinks
  • Laundry trailers ( inclusive of laundry team)
  • Fuel cubes
  • Restroom trailers
  • Fueling for entire site
  • Fueling for all light towers and vehicles in the county
  • Side by sides for on site commuting
  • Dozers, loaders-and skid steers
  • Fork lifts/reach lifts


LIG was hired with a Mission Code for Hurricane Ian by the City of Cape Coral, Florida in 2022. Our mission was to bring our generators and staff from  California to provide power to the 350+ lift stations that were inoperable while the power was out.  Sewage was ankle to calf deep in most areas of the City.  Once we placed the generators, we were responsible for maintenance and fueling.  We also took responsibility of logistics for the site and was subcontracted out for fueling and transporting.  LIG was there for one month and responsible for the following inventories and personnel;

  • (17) semi loads
  • (56) generators
  • (13) 500k generators
  • (2) fuel trucks
  • (2) service trucks
  • (1) Incident Commander
  • (8) Staff members


On March 12, 2023 LIG Rentals received a call from one of our Vendors that 1 Raley store roof in South Lake Tahoe had collapsed from the weight of the snow and another one they were hoping to save.  We deployed our team immediately with our plan.  The plan was to bring shovels and tarps for the top of the roof and bring loaders, dump trucks and skid steers for the ground work.  The store roof was 10 feet higher across a 65,000 sq foot building Originally there were approximately 100 total workers including us but expanded to well over 200 roof workers.  The job completion took 9 days at 12 hour shifts and was estimated at over 6 million pounds of snow removed from the roof.  Structural engineers determined that the building was safe and that the quick reaction time and some luck save the building that serves the community.  One audible that I called was huge.  The 3rd day in they opened the store back up for business.  This caused a tremendous influx of shoppers.  I quickly realized that a Traffic Control team needed to be in place.  I called a meeting with the Raley Executives and told them I would spearhead traffic control with my teammates.  I explained that not only will it prevent injuries but it would allow for us to double the dump load count.  This idea was approved and it allowed us to finish in 1/2 the time than they anticipated. Here is what LIG provided the city:

  • (2) Dump trucks
  • (2) 644 Loaders
  • (2) Skid Steers
  • (10  Staff members

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