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Loren Markland

Loren Markland is the Chief Financial Officer and joint owner with the Byer Family of LIG Rentals.  Loren joined the Brand in 2018 after 15 years in Retail Leadership. Mr. Marklands financial strategies are the hallmark to the success and exponential growth to the LIG Brand Strategic Initiatives.  Leveraging his vast array of talents developed in the Retail world, Loren’s lens to see opportunities separates a clear catalyst to success for the Brand.  His incomparable attention to detail is a key component of our customer service principles and helps solidify our renowned reputation for client satisfaction.  Loren is a true work horse and prides himself in ensuring that his employees Champion the right behaviors for his Company.  Loren’s passion for the Brand resonates in all aspects of his Leadership style.  Loren is proficient as a strategic thinker and advocates as a product champion in all aspects of value-added solution sales and financials.

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