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Keith Byers

Keith Byers founded the Company in 2019 with his Wife Jennifer Byers.  Initially Team Byers saw an opportunity to grow a Travel Trailer business and leveraged Keith/s knowledge as a Hydrovac Operator to see the missed and needed inventories on the sites he was working for PG&E.  Keith’s innate ability to capitalize on business synergies and proactively leverage his honed selling skill sets quickly lifted his brand's image to obtaining a Master Service Agreement with multiple S&P 500 companies His ability to develop, build and maintain client relationships and trust has become a powerful business tool for LIG Rentals, one that creates a true partnership with customers to deliver on their vision. As a fearless disaster relief commander, Keith has cemented his status in that arena as being one of the best known disaster relief commanders in all of the United States inclusive of Commanding Hurricane Ian and Dixie and Caldor Fires. A life-long learner, Keith’s curiosity, ingenuity, and natural ability to lead have been the catalyst for exceptional growth and diversification. His focus continues to be to deliver the best in class, premium service to all of his clients.

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