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Jennifer Byers

Jen Byers is the Co-Founder of LIG Rentals and Executive Leader who initially spearheaded and funded jointly with her husband Keith Byers in 2017. Jennifer also owns and is CEO of her own rental company. Jennifer leverages her leadership style with transparency while using a no-nonsense approach to ensure the right behaviors are in place within the brand. Jennifer takes a prominent role in the brand to ensure that the P&L statement is accurately measuring the growth projected. Jennifer has a big role and handprint on the ebb and flow of inventory and heads up the brand's accounts payable/ receivables departments. Jennifer is committed to customer satisfaction inclusive of ethical decision making. Jennifer takes great pride in the brand and her community of Loomis, Ca. Herself, Keith and Loren actively sponsor events on a continuum for the causes that they believe in. She has been a part of large and small scale events which is a testament to her willingness to help and support those that are in need or without. Jennifer is passionate about her role as a mother raising her and Keith’s 4 year old son Kash. As the CEO of her own successful companies, Jennifer has been successful through driving initiatives that correlate with her education and experiences. Her expert advisory on governance changes has helped the company to be more efficient, reduce risks, close waste gaps and minimize total cost of ownership.

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